Qualium Investissement has become a shareholder of the Mériguet group, a renowned decorative paintwork specialist, alongside the group’s founder, Antoine Courtois, the company’s management team and IDI.

Founded in 1960, Mériguet has a French State “living-heritage company” label and has gradually extended its know-how to include other decorative arts (stonework and masonry, locks, metalwork, panelling, adornment, etc.), with a constant focus on maintaining the excellence of its new creations and renovation work, underpinned by its team of master craftsmen.

Mériguet has a very high-end positioning, with a prestigious public and private clientele that includes the Château de Versailles, Opéra Garnier, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the White House and Shangri-La, among others.

Alongside the diversification strategy implemented since 2006, the group is continuing to move forward with its ambitious international expansion, particularly in Europe, North America, Russia and the Middle East, through organic growth and targeted acquisitions.

Mériguet currently employs more than 370 people, including 324 master craftsmen, and generated nearly €70 million in revenues in 2012, of which one third outside France.

Jean Eichenlaub, Chairman of Qualium Investissement, states: We are very pleased to be investing in a prestigious French firm with an unparalleled level of excellence in its various crafts. Mériguet perpetuates traditional French decorative arts techniques, while at the same time developing and using the most innovative processes. It has managed to forge a position at the very top end of the international market, working on some of the most prestigious public and private sites in the world. In a fragmented market, our support will enable the company to step up its expansion, particularly through acquisitions.

Paul Costa de Beauregard, Managing Director of Qualium Investissement, says: We were attracted not only by the group’s business project, but also by its growth outlook, management strategy and the exceptional quality of its workforce.

Antoine Courtois, Chairman of Mériguet, explains: Qualium Investissement is the perfect partner for our needs in terms of resources, but above all it also meets our equally demanding requirements in terms of quality. We will be able to benefit from its know-how and network to meet future challenges firmly and ambitiously.

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