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Crowley Accord is a ship management company. They provide owners, charterers, operators and other members of the maritime industry with their crewing and technical management services and solutions. As winner of the Small Business Achievement Awards, we invited them to profile their company and the essential cogs that keep their firm running.

As a ship management company - we provide crewing and technical management services and solutions - and assist with documentation, legal and contract as well as back office services. Our client list consists of owners, operators and other vessel managers from across all across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.
Our firm Crowley Accord provides tailor made services to each of our clients. The service is personalised and we believe strongly in the company’s dedication to the job. Our values and flexibility have enabled us to provide innovative solutions to clients. These innovative solutions have proven extremely valuable to clients in the current market climate of the maritime industry.
In terms of being included in the Small Business Achievement Awards, we are delighted that our 25 years of service is acknowledged, and that the company’s work in the industry is appreciated. It always encouraging to be recognised. It strengthens our confidence and adds motivation to achieve further recognition.

“Concerning the small business sector today, we believe that this is vital for the development of any economy and for global progress in general too.”

Concerning the small business sector today, we believe that this is vital for the development of any economy and for global progress in general too. It is up to this sector to generate employment opportunities and develop strong skills for their employees. There is no doubt that small businesses are promoting the shipping sector and also industry specific development and growth.
Crowley Accord has a permanent team of 50 members ashore, plus we have a revolving staff of around 600 seafarers who are employed on the vessels under our management. Our executive team consists of experienced members who have been involved with different aspects of the maritime sector through their entire career. The company’s key people are:

Mr. Sanjay Shesh, Managing Director He is a marine engineer by qualification and has sailed for a decade. He has also been with Univan as a superintendent and later as a technical director. He also went on to start Fleet Management’s office in Mumbai and set up Mercator’s and ABG’s Ship management company. He’s been associated with NEPA shipping since 2008. When he acquired Accord Marine Management in 2009 – he set up the acquisition by Crowley in 2014 - to form Crowley Accord Marine Management and is now itsManaging Director.

Mr. Surjit Kumar Dey, General Manager – Technical He is a marine chief engineer and has sailed for a decade with Univan. He has been part of the Crowley Accord team since 2010.

Capt. Noel Fernandes – Superintendent He has sailed for 25 years on tankers and bulk carriers.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Srivastava – Marine Engineer He has sailed for over 11 years since 1966 - and later was a director at Tolani Shipping. He later took up a position as a director at Arcadia Shipping and moved to Accord in 2010 as the CEO. He now is a senior advisor with Crowley Accord Marine Management.

This all-round team and their dynamic staff have contributed immensely to the success of the company and have sailed us smoothly to our 25th year.

Hopes and plan for the future Crowley Accord has begun to explore opportunities in the Pacific, indeed we hope to be able to extend the advantage of our services in this region as well.

In addition, Crowley Accord is elated to be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. Over the years, the company has managed a variety of vessels ranging from livestock carries at the start and later moving on to tankers, containers, bulk carriers, offshore vessels, product carriers, etc. Finally, we have also managed coal and iron transshippers and now specialise in the management of these vessels as well.

Company: Crowley Accord

Name: Vinod Parekh

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Address: A-101, Citi Point, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai, 400 059, India

Phone: 91 22 6141 3333

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