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Fortgreen was founded in 2004 and from the beginning demonstrated its vocation to be next to the rural producer. Selected as part of our Ones to Watch – 2017 series, we invited the firm’s to profile its work in the agricultural sector.

Fortgreen stands shoulder to shoulder with the farmer. With the focus of the rural producer turned to the future and challenge of producing even more was becoming more and more reality. 

The operating segment was already defined: Fortgreen was born to be a reference in nutrition, plant physiology and application technology. These solutions that, until today, are elaborated with raw materials of excellent quality and that provide high increase response and productivity in the field. And the way to present this novelty to the farmer would be through the demonstrations.
Thus, the stubborn sales team left the field, wielding information about the product, balance and other equipment to show the rural producer what he liked to see: evidence of results. The challenge was great, as this segment represented a technological innovation and added to that, farmers had hardly heard of nutrition and plant physiology issues.

The results could not have been better. An increasing number of farmers have joined Fortgreen solutions. Initially, in the Northwest region of the state of Paraná (PR); then in 2006, with expansion for the entire PR and Mato Grosso do Sul (MS).

“All the people involved are always working together, developing and bringing information, technologies and services to man in the field.”

The inauguration of the new industrial park in the city of Paiçandu - PR in 2008, was a consequence of all the work carried out and a decisive step towards the expansion of the portfolio. It was also a move towards the total guarantee of quality in its products, since the new facilities had all the infrastructure needed to support the growth planned for the company in the subsequent years.
Today, the plant has 98,000 m2 and approximately 12,000 m2 of built area. It also has a specific laboratory, boasting sophisticated equipment for the development of dry solids and liquid formulations of high solubility.

Company In this incessant quest for quality, in 2009 Fortgreen decided to increase its coverage throughout the national territory and Mercosur, starting to operate in Paraguay. With a focus on its innovative vocation, the Fortgreen team researches, travels to other countries and does not spare efforts to look for novelties that may be of service to the Brazilian farmer. In view of this, in 2013, the activities of the controlled release fertiliser mixing plant began.

For Fortgreen, the partnerships developed with its distributors are fundamental to the growth and sustainability of the business. All the people involved are always working together, developing and bringing information, technologies and services to man in the field.
With over 10 years’ worth of experience in the market, Fortgreen has been present in more than 20 states that account for 95% of Brazilian agricultural production, with a portfolio composed of own and registered formulas and products of international prominence. All our portfolio products are tested and approved by public and private research bodies (universities, institutes and foundations), as well as national and international consultants. But even after 10 years, Fortgreen never failed to do what the farmer most wanted to see, the proof of results in his crop.

Currently, Fortgreen has a team of more than 80 highly qualified professionals, serving its distributors and partners in Brazil and Paraguay.

Much has changed since the founding of the company. Growth has brought new horizons and challenges. Having said that, the will to make a difference, to help the man in the field produce more is a stimulus that continues to motivate the entire Fortgreen team. Here’s to the next 10 years! 

Company: Fortgreen

Name: Antonio Carlos Zorato

Email: [email protected]

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Address: Rua Curitiba 805, Zona Ind. II, Paiçandu – PR, Brazil

Telephone: 55 44 3127 2700

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