2016 Global Excellence Award’s Most Outstanding Diversified Macro Fund winner, Armstrong Investment Managers are showing the investment industry how services should be provided.

Armstrong Investment Managers (AIM) is a global macro investment manager. AIM focuses on risk controlled inflation benchmarked investment solutions. Their investment approach is based on the belief that dramatically improved risk-adjusted returns can be achieved by strategically and dynamically allocating capital across a wide range of asset classes, regions and investment styles in a risk managed manner.

Founded in 2009, AIM is an FCA regulated asset manager focused on providing structured financial solutions to a diverse international client base. AIM has an in-house team of award winning fund managers and analysts that create excellent results for clients.

The company’s focus is to ensure that the solutions provided to clients achieve a practical, successful and sustainable financial result for the future.

The team is expertly managed by Dr. Ana Cukic Armstrong, an investment professional with over 20 years of financial institutional experience. With her leadership, the Armstrong team strives to combine the experience and reliability of an institution, with the client-focus of a boutique firm.

AIM’s investment process is built on a set of key beliefs: The pursuit of excellence requires significant investment in human capital, whilst the interaction of model driven trade and discretionary beliefs is the key to long run out-performance. They also believe that peer-reviewed research and development are required to identify strategic opportunities.
The companies’ research mandate focuses on generating superior alpha by identifying asset pricing anomalies and generating superior returns by harvesting risk premia within ex-ante volatility bounds.

AIM’s investment mantra allocates between contrarian and trend-following strategies, value/ growth and carry investing, within and across asset classes. While inflation is the ultimate destroyer of long-run purchasing power, real diversification is a key component of the company’s investment beliefs and their true defence against purchasing power declines.

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