Pad Creative, included in the 2017 Business Elite, love to help their clients increase market share through effective design and communication. We invited the firm’s Director of Creative Services, Alison Steward to tell us more.

Pad Creative love to help clients increase their market share through both effective design and communication. The firm’s Alison Steward believes this is achieved by providing clients with the tools to succeed - helping them strengthen their visual communications (brand, print, website and exhibition design) - and integrating these changes into their current and future marketing to boost their business or organisation.

Pad Creative’s reputation and the areas they specialise in are summed up by Alison Steward, who places a rightful focus on the firm’s work with clients.

“We often find out that we have been recommended to new clients by several sources and this is a great feeling, as it means there is a great awareness of what we are doing and achieving for them. We specialise in getting to know our clients and their businesses inside out, but most importantly the challenges and goals in their business.

“From this, we then work out a plan to assist them in their goals. Whether it be a campaign to increase revenue, or a message they need to get to their target audience to raise awareness or a new platform like a website, we are there to plan and guide them through this process.
“We can create everything our clients need to increase sales and raise brand awareness. Whether it be brand, print, web or exhibition, we create it all.”

With the current state of the fluctuating markets due to several factors including Brexit and the USA presidency, Alison shares her thoughts on how the firm continues to thrive in these challenging times and how it feels for Pad Creative to be a part of the 2017 Business Elite awards.

“I think in any market, the strongest businesses stand out - whatever changes are happening, it’s how you deal with it that gives you strength and an upper hand.

“To be a part of the 2017 Business Elite awards feels fantastic - we are proud of what we achieve for our clients and often their praise is all we receive, which is brilliant! Having said this, it’s also nice to get external recognition. It is great for the team to see how well the company is progressing and the awards we have are a testament to that success.”

Alison the directs her thoughts to the challenges in the industry that she and the firm are currently observing.

“The industry is changing and there are more people entering the industry without formal training and boundaries are becoming blurred between print houses that perform design work and qualified design agencies.

“With the rise of cheap logo websites, it also means it is very important we continue to highlight the role professional agencies have in creating distinctive brands (and logos) that deliver a much higher ROI than a $10 logo that isn’t unique. The Design Council require as much support from the government as possible to continue to deliver the message to businesses of the importance of investing in design.

Terry Tyrrell, Chair of the Design Council once wisely remarked: “Design is fundamental to both business and society. Our aim, as we move forward under a new strategic plan, is to ensure that design receives the recognition it deserves.”

Alison closes by revealing her future aspirations for the firm in 2017 and beyond.
“Pad Creative intend to continue growing creatively and helping shape our client’s businesses and brands. Our targets are often quite ambitious, but 2017 has got off to a flying start so far and the good news is that we are already exceeding our sales targets.”

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