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Finest in Pharma 2017 winner, IPS Group are a connected network of departments offering pharma services to make healthcare more accessible and high quality overall.

PS Genomix stands for innovation that benefits to the community. Specialized in the latest prognostic, predictive and personalized medicine, IPS Genomix gives treating physicians access to important and clinically relevant genomic information further to testing human specimens (tissue, blood, saliva, buccal swab…) in the European or US partnering laboratories accredited and specialized in this field.

The treating physician can then individualize the treatment of his/her patients to enhance the prevention and/or treatment of certain conditions and diseases. IPS Genomix brings this intelligent and groundbreaking new solution to treating physicians and their patients in the Middle East and Africa thanks to partnerships with multinational companies.

Their regional customer service unit ensures high quality service for the requested test, with all the logistics related to specimen shipment until the results reception by the treating physician while respecting the turn-around time/test. Given the rapid evolution of this particular field, IPS Genomix constantly incorporates new technology platforms and assays to offer physicians and their patients with the most up-to-date, reliable and cutting-edge personalized medicine tools.

IPS Industry vision is to become a network of manufacturing facilities, built on multinational standards and effective processes. Lead by the know-how of expert operational professionals with a proven track record and a team with over 25 years of real experience in the field, IPS Industry is synonymous with quality. Significant insight into the Middle East and Africa empowers IPS Industry with the flexibility to cater to precise needs and to be the regional gateway for multinational pharmaceutical companies. By focusing exclusively on the manufacture of generic product, IPS Industry offers patients quality medications at affordable prices.

IPS Trading gives market access to multinational companies that deal with generics and brands. The Middle East and Africa is a promising region and yet many firms avoid such markets because of the expected complexities and challenges. IPS Trading advantage is that they know these markets and each country in the region and can overcome all the barriers.

IPS Trading opens the door of the MEA region through its networking and expertise. An ideal partner for multinationals, IPS Trading boasts highly effective marketing, sales and distribution services and overall reliability. In addition, they develop market access programs thru partnerships and implantation of disease management programs.

IPS Trading is the official representative of several esteemed companies specialized in a diverse range of medical products from pharmaceuticals to hospital disinfectants, and hearing implants.

Ahmed Yacout is the founder of IPS Group and boasts decades of experience in the field mainly in the MENA region. Prior to IPS, he was the General Manager of Sanofi Near East. He launched his career in the pharmaceutical industry in 1984 in Egypt with Roussel Uclaf before moving to Rhone Poulenc Rorer (RPR).

His vision goes over and above pharmaceutical solutions. It leads him to drive the regional market with innovative and progressive solutions. He wants IPS to “Become, with the support of its highly-experienced people, the game changers of the region.”
A strategist and a results-oriented professional, he has the essential know-how needed to grow the business and predict potential market opportunities.

He founded IPS on the belief that, “Patients are the core of our presence and if we position ourselves in their shoes, we will strive to serve them better.”

Company: IPS Group

Name: Akram Zuhairi

Email: Akram.Zuhairi@


Address: Omar Daouk Street, Starco Blg, Block B, 12th Floor, Beirut, Lebanon

Phone: 00961 1 373004

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