Claire Carter’s Chances Gives Choices centres have earned the Small Business Achievement award, through dedication and commitment to the community and the opening of two contact centres for local families.

Chances Gives Choices is an organisation offering contact support for families who are experiencing separation, divorce or difficult circumstances. The centres are located in Romsey and Alderbury and offer a space where parents can spend time with their children, as well as offering advice and guidance to support families through their current situation.

Claire opened the first centre, Carole Anne House, in Romsey in 2014. It is named in honour of her late mother. Claire as inspired to set up the centre when working as a contact supervisor for Southampton City Council – a job she thoroughly enjoyed, but wanted to be able to perform in her own way, adding her own style to the responsibilities she faced as a contact supervisor in order to support the community on a wider scale and in a way which was more beneficial to clients and their children.

The second centre, Richard Alan house is located in Alderbury and opened its doors in 2016. Between the two centres, Chances Gives Choices is currently assisting more than 175 families with their visitation, contact and family law needs.

Clients are referred to Chances Gives Choices by their solicitors or Family Court Advisory and Support Services, mediators, solicitors and can self-refer. Here they receive help, guidance and support during contact and visitations. Chances Gives Choices also travel to families who need help and supervision in separate locations. The centre is now able to provide the newly-launched community-based parental assessment service.

Looking to the future, Claire hopes to be able to expand the services further, with a vision to open even more centres in the area and beyond. A new centre is set to open in Basingstoke, which will offer the same services, but will allow the team at Chances gives choices to deliver these needed and sensitive services to a much larger community and prepare for even further expansion.

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