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Conectys is a trailblazing outsourcing company with over 11 years of sustained excellence in delivering specialised BPO and KPO services for the Finance, High Tech, Travel, Retail, Gaming, Entertainment, and Healthcare industries.

With 1,050 seats, Conectys boasts 4 physical locations in Belgium, Romania and the Philippines, and a scalable Work from Home network of professionals. Recognised for its award-winning outsourcing experience, Conectys has been championing best practices in Customer Service, Content Moderation, Infrastructure Management, and Document Processing services across industries and in over 35 languages.

Conectys’ is a new breed of outsourcing provider, focused on business transformation and outcome-oriented partnerships with a growing roster of international clients. This has enabled the company to introduce ConectysOS, a bespoke Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) platform that delivers on the fundamentals of the as-a-Service economy: automation of highly standardised human-powered business processes through a cloud-based, outcome-centric delivery model.


In an interview with the firm’s Arnold Cobbaert, he begins by lifting the lid on the opportunities there are for businesses to use outsourcing as a means of growth.  “Any businesses looking for international expansion will find outsourcing to be a vital ingredient in their growth plan. By partnering with a seasoned BPO provider, they gain access to industry experts with the capabilities to support key processes at a European and global level, from Multilingual and Multicultural Customer Support, to Back Office Business Process Outsourcing and more, all at competitive prices” he reveals.

“Outsourcing also ensures that valuable existing employees can focus on value-added services instead of repetitive, process-driven work. That way, companies can better focus on delighting their customers by leveraging their outsourcing partner’s expertise to drive customer satisfaction. A partner with a demonstrated ability to drive customer satisfaction to levels previously unattainable is the key to repeat business and word-of-mouth promotion.” he continues.

“The best relationships drive business value beyond cost advantage. With a partnership approach embedded in the relationship DNA, and by fully trusting their partners with key processes, organisations can enable business transformation by accessing innovative talent with the added advantage of full transparency enabled by BPaaS platforms.” he adds.

Challenges and opportunities

Working in outsourcing presents Conectys with challenges and opportunities almost on a daily basis. “Retaining a single, consistent and unique culture and value, what we call our Conectys Soul, while being constantly exposed to so many cultural backgrounds is one of the challenges of managing a global, multicultural company. As it is, Conectys is heavily invested in nurturing this rich culture” Cobbaert reveals.

“The chances offered by such a diverse talent pool take the form of fantastic learning opportunities for everyone at Conectys – different views, habits, approaches and paths to solving challenges keep Conectysians fresh and on their toes.

“Ultimately, this creates a strong foundation of languages and a cultural mix that our customers leverage to expand to new European countries or overseas” he adds.

Selling point

What sets the company apart is their “ability to deliver quality services in an impressive range of languages, at cost-saving price points” Cobbaert reveals when asked what separates his company from their competitors. “What is more, we achieve all this without exposing our clients to the complexity of managing such diverse multicultural and multilingual operations” he adds.

“We are a different breed of outsourcing vendor also by virtue of being among the early adopters of the BP-as-a-Service business model through the implementation of our ConectysOS framework that powers value-driven automation and optimisation.

“By blending the best talent available, both on location and through a tenured Work from Home network of professionals, with mature processes and state-of-the-art technology, we deliver value beyond KPIs – globally, timely and consistently.”

Future plans

Bringing the interview to a conclusion, Cobbaert says that, “Conectys will continue to expand geographically in order to further strengthen its language coverage and, at the same time, gain access to regional markets. As a company, we will continue to invest aggressively in our ConectysOS cloud-based BPaaS platform, a platform that is seen as instrumental to our continued success and a very strong business differentiator for Conectys and its clients.

“We will also focus on deepening industry vertical knowledge in order to offer unique, industry-specific, full-stack People-Process-Technology solutions. At the same time, we will continue to innovate as we near our BP-as-a-Service ideal of simplicity, automation and cost efficiency.

“We notice that the outsourcing industry is still composed of the incumbent, bloated players with size and scale as their primary differentiators. They continue to operate along legacy business models and seem to bank on the fact that trend adoption is slow in the sector.

“However, the outsourcing industry is not immune to disruption. Fast and nimble players are quick to seize the changing dynamics of the global business ecosystem and use their newly-gained knowledge to push the boundaries of business and rewrite the trajectory of outsourcing partnerships toward value-added, gain share models.

“We see Conectys as belonging to the second category of future-oriented companies, and we will continue to invest valuable resources into developing the best teams, processes and tools to create sustainable innovation that will support our clients as they take on the global market” Cobbaert concludes.

Company: Conectys

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