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As the fifth largest auditing and advisory network, BDO’s core business clients are mid-sized companies, with their French team offering their expertise to higher listed companies too.

At our firm, the overall mission is to build a high competency, high quality business in everything we do. In terms of our expertise in dispute resolution, we have undergone several projects last year but we unfortunately have to keep them confidential in order to protect our clients’ privacy. We are particularly satisfied with one complex international and sensitive case that lasted for years and ended in 2015. This case involved a number of hard and difficult issues, and we were delighted to finally achieve a result.

That particular case is a good example of how we always go the extra mile for our clients. BDO’s motto is “exceptional client service”, and although this may seem obvious, it actually takes a lot effort to always be proactive, to listen to the client, to provide new ideas, to give them peace of mind, as well as being reactive and responsive to their demands. Above all, I’m convinced the most important thing is to develop and maintain strong relationships with your clients.

It is these values that underpin everything we do, and is our main focus when adding new members to our team. The most important this is to hire people who fit your values, but at the same time add their own qualities too. This is simply just smart people who are easy to get along with, and of course, people who are dedicated to serving clients. From our experience, our industry can be quite demanding and we constantly keep up to date with any emerging trends or development. For instance, complexity, increased regulation and constraint deadlines are making projects very intense, and I also see the need for new profiles to help us analyse data and take fully into account the technological dimension. Nonetheless, France is one of the major economies in the world, and so with many challenges comes a lot of exciting opportunities too. The entire world is talking about digital and big data, and the dispute resolution field is no exception.

As a result, we are heavily working on this precise subject. As for the award, I’m particularly proud that BDO is recognised as a major actor in the dispute resolution field. In our office in France, we have a team that encompasses a wide range of disciplines such as finance, IT, data analysis and forensics, and we have all worked extremely hard on developing this activity and bring solutions to our clients. With this recognition, we can showcase our talents and skills and hopefully add to our client base.

Name: Michel Leger
Company: BDO France

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