Welcome to the 2017 International Fund Awards

Whilst the global financial trade continues to develop and expand across all sectors, the worldwide funds industry has established itself as the home to some of the most pioneering and advanced firms and individuals in the business domain.

Innovation, determination and commitment are respected in the 2017 International Fund Awards, as we pursue the finest that the industry has to offer. These awards aim to showcase not only the funds that, in spite of the often unpredictable climate in which they function, have succeeded in accomplishing extraordinary results but also the advisors, wealth managements specialists and managers whose knowledge and practice has made them the first port of call for savvy investors.

As with all of our awards, the 2017 International Fund Awards title will be given out solely based upon merit to applaud those who are most deserving due to their incomparable service and performance over the past 12 months. Our devoted awards judging and research team work rigorously to ensure that all winners of the award can take pride in the knowledge that they have been chosen amongst the other game changers of their industry.

To ensure that this is a true representation the funds industry has to offer, we need your votes. Please fill out the form below to cast your vote.

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