For the past five years, through good times and bad, the global M&A Awards have acted as an invaluable resource, highlighting the dedication, stellar results and top quality client service provided by many worldwide M&A industry leaders.

Throughout this time, and despite many challenges, the M&A industry has remained strong where others have faltered, and, as the global economy continues to strengthen and with a sustained boom looking ever more likely, this year is no exception.

Our prestigious M&A Awards celebrate the outstanding efforts and amazing achievements of all those involved in identifying, coordinating and completing the important deals which have the potential to change the fate of businesses, industries and even entire countries.

This is a huge pressure and faced with increasing demands from clients many businesses have had to work tirelessly to achieve success. These awards are dedicated to showcasing the hard work, dedication and determination of firms throughout the business world, as voted for by their clients and industry peers. You can use the voting form below to contribute to this dynamic and exciting awards programme.

As with all of our awards programmes, the 2016 M&A Awards are only distributed on merit, and our dedicated research team are set to work as soon as voting closes and strive to ensure that every winner can be assured that they truly deserve their success.


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If you have any further questions, you can view the M&A Awards FAQs HERE.

See below for last year's winner's list and supplement.

2016 M&A Awards Voting Form

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